What is MrGreatdeals and How did we get such great deals?

MrGreatdeals.com is a new unique retail business model that we have always want to do. Unlike traditional retail industry where retailers would mark up the product price to make profit from the customers, we actually do not want any profit from our customers. Instead, we work with our suppliers and manufacturers for the lowest price possible, then we earn commission from them for every sales that we made. That's why the deals on our website are amazing, and we are the MrGreatdeals!

Why choose us?

Our mission statement is to provide the absolute best deals and customer experience available in the retail industry without exception. We choose to only sell the best deals in the world, learning them inside and out to ensure your experience with our organization and the products we supply is second to none. MrGreatdeals is one of the fastest growing retailers in the United States. All because of our passion for our products and our customers. We care like no one else.

We employ salaried representatives whose primary focus is to know and love our industry and our customers. Our reps have an average of 7 years of industry experience and go through product trainings and certifications on a weekly basis. You will not find another source that has more industry involved reps on call for you all the time. We only sell what we would and do have in our own homes. Honesty and integrity are the most important pieces to our business and reputation.

Buying Power?

MrGreatdeals.com is honored to be recognized for the second year in a row as one of the fastest growing privately held retailers and businesses in the United States. This means we have the stock, buying power and leverage with our vendors to ensure we have the stock and prices to match or beat any authorized dealers offerings.